That is how Hani’s foods made the main catering dishes of many Persian homes since 1979 fulfilling hosts and guests’ taste with pleasant memories. These delicious foods have always made Persians abroad recall their childhood’s happy memories; and returnees home would ask for the address of the nearest Hani from friend and families. Events become sweeter; wedding halls, welcome/Farewell parties, organizational gatherings and meetings, all and all remember Hani so happily.

The idea of initializing Hani factory after the splendor of Ghiam Square restaurant is a quite interesting story. Few years after opening the restaurant, one of military units asks Haj-Akbar to provide required food for 25,000 soldiers which were supposed to march in Azadi stadium for a special ceremony. Although Haj-Akbar put a lot of effort into that, calling for many other chefs from all over Tehran, he did not achieve expected success. The idea of initiating the company just sparkled –like the destiny was turning him back to the lost Factory, this time in a quite different style: a large well-equipped factory able to response large orders with the same “maternal” and “homely” quality. Researching about this original marvelous idea took several years through traveling to some European countries to explore every avenues to organize such factory in the best way.  Eventually, waiting was over and the factory officially opened in 2007 –after another fatal fire.

The truth is that today’s urban life deprives people of the opportunity of cooking delicious yet time-consuming Persian cuisine. Hani is a true aid to rejoin people and the Persian Spirit of life, having no other thought but this from the very first days and will keep this way in the future as well. Therefore, Hani is always using the oldest most original national recipes with the most update technologies to fulfill this goal and to donate an ever-lasting original flavor to Persians’ taste all over the world. Hence, export doors have been opened to Hani, from the Middle East to Far East, and from Europe to Canada. Foods have been adapted with the strict European standards not to send Persian cuisine’s fans empty-handed from the stores to home.